The scale

In a scale from 1 to 10, five years ago I was only at step 1 while I should have been on step 3, so I jumped to step 5 in order to pull myself towards the life of my dreams, and this actually made me go to -a very strong- step 2, -a moderate- step 3 and -a shaky- step 4, and by time the latter one crumpled down to a great extent. So I found myself reluctantly in step 5, with a shaky base in step 4. This was why I decided to go to step 3 regardless of the voices of the people saying it is a step backward. Do I make sense?


4 responses to “The scale

  1. Aywa 😀
    Bossy,don’t listen to the other voices..this is you and your scale, do whatever makes you feel eno you are standing on solid grounds.
    “should have been on step 3” should is a guilt inducing word ya Nousha..try to substitute it with either will or can..easy on your self

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