My vacation

I spent the long weekend at Intercontinental Abou Soma. My brother’s work had a special offer, so we went. It is a 5* hotel and everything but I still miss el Karm.

Here is a quick comparison between both of them. First there is no real difference between any of the red sea hotels, they all have the same spirit, the same ambiance. What differs between them is the landscape or the quality of the chef. This basically means that I feel like visiting the same place over and over again. While El Karm has a special “basma”, one that I rarely find elsewhere. Second, what are the sorts of entertainment,   the hotel, in the morning: the beach, water sports, the animation team; by night: the disco, the belly dancer. As for el karm we hike in the morning to the nearby mountains, and during the night we sit by the fire, watch the stars and just talk about everything and anything. Thirdly, the food in the hotel is served in an open buffet, stuffed with all sorts of food, at el karm, the variety is limited, and we eat by the candle light because there in no electricity. Fourth, the manager of the hotel wanders around the big place (with long curly hair and a golden necklace he was wearing), while at el karm 3am Gamil welcomes you from the doorsteps with a warm smile and remembers you when you come back as if you were one of his closest friends, he even comes and tells us stories about the bedouin, their poetry, their customs,,,. The rooms in the hotel are comfortable, the room service guy comes every day to clean it and supply the shampoo and the clean towels, in el karm the room can have up to 6 persons, a bedouin comes and put things in order, it is built with stones, you have to bring your sleeping bag, and for lighting you use lambet gaz, and there are no keys. The tea in the hotel is a colourless Lipton, those tea bags sold in big quantities without any real taste, the tea in el Karm is made with marmarya, with mint, with herbs, all from 3am Gamil’s garden.


Seems like I define “relaxation” quite differently.


3 responses to “My vacation

  1. You mean el karm walla Soma bay?

    For El karm we went by cars. We contacted 3am Gamil (call him and leave a message on the voicemail and he will call back as there is no network there), he arranged for a place to park the cars and a truck to carry our stuff to the ecolodge. There is no need for a 4X4. The road is asfalt. There is another option of renting a microbus or taking a certain bus and telling him with the name of the village close to the place,,,, check the website, it has all the details 🙂

    As for Soma bay, we went by a bus.

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