Kheir allahom eg3aloh kheir,,,

Last night I had a weird dream. Kheir allahom eg3aloh kheir, I was somewhere near the sea, and I felt like living in a sci-fi movie,,, There are two nations fighting each other. At the beginning there was some sort of a cold war between them, then later on they started a full war. One of the sides bombed some astro bodies that affects flux and reflux. In one day the sea level started to change, the waves swapped away the beach, little by little the cars were submerged with brownish water (similar to clay). Then all of a sudden, the waves began to get higher and it seemed like we would be having a tsunami or something. Everyone was running to higher grounds, and you could feel the water rushing right behind you. Me and a small group managed to climb a hill and saw the whole valley filled with water. Houses were immersed with water. It was scary.

This is weird because this is not the first time I dream of something like that. And I don’t think I am affected by the Tsunami incident few years ago, because when I saw the pictures it felt like a deja vu (and I know that I had these dreams before the tsunami). But in the previous times I was aware of the place (it was in a specific village on the north coast) and the people. This one is different. Once I woke up I tried to recollect the details of the dream but what I told you was the maximum I could get from my memory, I remember there was issues between the 2 rivals in the war, and I also remember some disagreements in the group with which I was fleeing, but what are those arguments? I don’t know.


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