Omar Samra

one does not climb to attain enlightenment; rather one climbs because he is enlightened.” – Zen master Futomaki

You HAVE to check his website, it is beautiful. I loved his articles published in Amkenah and in Campus. This guy really has the spirit of reaching the sky! Check out his articles about Shaolin monastries, Peru, Nepal, Burma and the Andes mountains. And now he has started his expedition to Everest.

Every individual has a preferred medium of expression, writing is mine.Increasingly over the past few years I have found comfort in the solitude and meditation that I call writing. Endless and often jumbled feelings, thoughts and expressions have miraculously found meaning on paper .When I travel, I write and when I write, I feel more like travelling. The link has always been there and will forever remain.

Some of my writing will have made it to the public. Others are arguably more fit as wrapping for your Saturday (Friday for you Cairiens) night kebab sandwich, but whichever one it is, they both have played an important role in my life. I am happy to share that of it which has been published with you, much more still sit…in scraps of paper.In December 2002, I embarked on a journey that lasted for 370 days and took me through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes with some of its most fascinating people. In the continents of Asia and Latin America, every day is a new experience, the possibilities endless. When you are involved in an experience so intense and continuous, it is hard to fathom how much you have actually learnt. It takes months, sometimes years.

I am firmly convinced that through writing about these experiences (and this journey in specific) I can come close to understanding the magnitude of what in many ways is a human being’s right of passage. . . traveling” Go Omar Go !!!!


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