Books on my wish list: Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women

Uniquemuslimah is currently reading a book called “Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women” by Geraldine Brooks. I haven’t heard about the book before so I was eager to know more about it (didn’t I mention before how curious I can be sometimes!  🙂 ).

El mohem,,,, the book seems interesting,,, Brooks reports on the women throughout the Islamic world, focusing her wide-ranging interviews on the social, religious and political forces that have shaped their lives….. Her interviews ranged from the Queen of Jordan to a Palestinian woman who lived in with her husband, his second wife and all their children in a modest hut.

One of the interesting views I read in Amazone was that she was careful to distinguish various Muslim societies from one another, just as one sees huge differences among Christian countries. But interestingly, she identified Iran as a more progressive society in which women are permitted to work and participate in politics. And Egypt is described as having a lively, sensual culture that she believes will never be snuffed out by fundamentalists.

So this book is mainly targeting western readers who know very little about women in the middle east, but I think it is very important to see how an american journalist is seeing us, right?


6 responses to “Books on my wish list: Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women

  1. I have to admit two things.
    1) I only saw your post today (very sorry about that!)
    2) I stopped on the first chapter because I’m reading another book called Mirage, which you might have also seen on my blog.
    I’m like that, reading three, four books at the same time, when I get bored of one, I go to the other, until I finish them all, lol.

    I didn’t like the first chapter, she goes something like, “Prophet Muhammad loved women.” Which makes him sound bad. She could have said he loved his wives, that he did. But she said that he loved women in general. She also says little cynical things that may go unnoticed by others, but I noticed them. InshaAllah when I go back to reading it I will make comments 🙂

    Sorry again for the delay!

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