The school days

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1. Did you use to be a good student at school?

mmm u can say that. I wasn’t bothered much with studying, it was just a fact of life. I was that quiet student who was trusted by the teachers.

2. What were your most loved and most hated subjects?

I was good in math, I loved numbers :-), I also loved geometry. I hated chemistry and biology. Physics always fascinated me, but was little bit difficult. I was interested in history and geology but I think that I would have loved them more if it was taught in a more interesting way. Languages were okay for me. Hated geography (why should I know the names of the petroleum fields in Egypt).

3. When young, what did you want to become?

At the beginning I waned to be an engineer, in what field exactly I don’t know, I just loved the logic of mathematical equations. Later on I wanted to be an explorer (a la Indiana Jones) or a journalist (a la Tintin)

mmmm, I would like to tag Memz and Myra,


3 responses to “The school days

  1. yeah, u r right. But I once heard that childhood dream jobs are the ones that most probably u will excel in, because children have some sort of transparency regarding their true feelings, not what others want them to be…

  2. i do wanna to become a engineer and now i am engaged in a course of engineering and i am loving it. its like dream come true on the other hand i was’t a good stud .i was a fliter ,bunker ,drugest etc etc.
    but today i feel like i am a complete man

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