Weekend #14

So it’s Monday once again. After spending few days away from everything, I’m back to my normal life, work, friends, home, TV,,, everything. This weekend was nice. On Friday and Sunday I played 9 holes (and was happy with my results), on Saturday saw LOTS of movies and spent a quiet night at my grandmother’s.


I saw parts of Epic Movie, wasn’t able to finish it, it seems I am not a big fan of parodies. Later on I watched Music and Lyrics, Hugh Grant used to be a famous pop star in the 80’s, Drew Barrymore waters his plants, he has to come up with a song in 72 hours and she gives him a hand. Simple. Good for past time, but can’t be compared to The Holiday or Two weeks notice.

https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b2/Rain_Man_poster.jpgLater on me and my brother went City Stars, it was CROWDED !!!!! Beano’s cafe was really good, but the service was extremely slow! I had to go to the counter twice just to remind the guy to send us a waiter !! it was unbeleivable ! We went to the cinema, I was reluctant for my brother’s choice “el tourbini”, I don’t like Egyptian replicas of western movies, but I said Ok, let’s try it. First of all, I liked it that they mentioned that the movie is inspired from the Rain Man. The actors (Sherif Mounir, Ahmed Rizk and Hind Sabry) were very good. The story line was not bad. Surprisingly I liked the movie very much.

I love April, it is a 30 days month, with 8 days for weekends, and 5 days for national holidays ! This means it has only 17 working days all in all !


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