It’s been a while

It has been a long time. I was busy during the past few weeks, and it was almost crazy especially the last few days,,,  ma3aleina, now I’m back….. Hurray.

Oh I missed blogging, I missed talking to my friends, I missed watching out for Cairo’s events and choosing what I will go and what I will skip. I really wanted to see Fire Of Anatolia’s performance on Sunday and Monday, and last night’s Shakira’s concert (I had the right to have an invitation but circumstances prevented me from getting it and from actually going there !!), I missed grabing my camera and wondering in the streets of Cairo, or taking a novel and sitting in a quiet place with a cup of Latte… BTW I’m so happy that Beano’s opened a branch right next to my home ! 🙂 Many times I would go there, have a take away cup of Roman Cappucino,, I even went with my father one friday morning! My father is not a fan of Cilantro, he doesn’t like anything but Grecco, so it was a nice surprise for me that he’d like Beano’s cafe.

Anyway, I received this exhibition invitation and I think the photos are really good. Enjoy!

Photo exhibition El Seid club

Last week or something, OTV aired a documentary “A Place called Home مكان اسمه الوطن” , it was brilliant. It talked about our perception of home. First he started asking people in the streets and through emails, then he decided to follow up the lives of 4 Egyptians living in Cairo but from different background:

1) a man who lives in Faisal street and is preparing his house in order to get married, so he calculates very well his expenses and goes around with his fiance to find the best prices of the equipments and all their stuff

2) a guy who wanted to follow an artistic career, he has a great voice and almost made it through Star Maker, but he couldn’t win, he went to Canada, then his father obliged him to return to Egypt to join his business, but at the end he can’t wait to travel once again as he doesn’t find ‘himself’ here

3) a girl who travelled all over the world, only to find out that the place she wants to spend time in is her homeland, so she returns. She had an issue for marrying the man she loves because he was not muslim, but he converted and they are happily married

4) a girl who works as a translator, she loves her job but at the same time she really wants to experience what it feels to be on her own abroad, and she is having all these debats with her family in order to accept her decision.

It was brilliant. The stories were amazing, I felt very close to the personalities, I can almost feel like having them as my friends or cousins. The director was very skillful in presenting the materials, with fast movements, different types of dialogues, interviews, narration. (it was also funny that I have previously met or contacted the 2 girls in different activities 🙂 ). Very recommended.


One response to “It’s been a while

  1. The photos look awesome 🙂
    And the documentary seemed to be gr8…unfortunately i dun watch TV much…that’s bad coz sometimes u miss nice things! :S

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