Hazzak el Yom


Scanned from El Akhbar (26/3/2007) !!!

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9 responses to “Hazzak el Yom

  1. Thanks so much Nousha for this post. I had read about it in Almasry Alyoum, but I still had to see it by my own eyes! What a pity! This man had nothing better to do with his life than messing up with our horoscopes! 2alak lazem atla3 mn elmooled with some homos!
    There is really no hope.

  2. Are you serioussssss?????? I mean, seriously??!!! Mesh ma32ool ya gama3a? At first I thought it was one of those internet jokes, but you say “scanned” from el akhbar! La2 begad ana mazhoola! I mean if it were a joke I wouldn’t be laughing! But it’s real! El wa7ed el mafrood yed7ak walla y3ayyat walla eeh bezabt!

  3. The Democracy and Hierocracy even reached the fortune teller , Mr. Teller can easily manipulate and mess with people mode every day based on his best interests for the best interests of the others , It is a real disgrace , Thank You for letting us notice that We are the far away people from the fortune teller daily column

  4. Nerro: nope, it’s true !
    Juka: yes, there is no hope
    Ravine: so true
    Om Luji: he’ll eat LOTS of Homos
    Hechkok: ya bakhtak 🙂
    28: I scanned it myself
    Ahmed: next time, u’ll see the coffee reader advising u which candidate to choose
    Dananeer: to`to`to`

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