Photos of Egypt

My friends sent me two links, I found them AMAZING: Egypt d’ Antan and  The library of unversity of Chicage, ENJOY! (Shoubra Palace 1870, this is where they had the opening ceremony of the film festival) (Kobri Abbas in 1913) 1905 the menestrli palace and the nilometer from the view point of somewhere close to the current Nile Peking) Baehler 1913) (from left to right: Nabaoueya Moussa (1886-1951), Céza Nabaraoui (1897-1985) et Hoda Charaoui (1879-1947), in a feminist conference in Geneve 1920) (hotel and coffee shop in Zagazig in 1906) (Imbaba bridge in 1914, now in the area right after Nile City towers) (Collège de la Sainte-Famille des Pères Jésuites à Faggalla. L’intérieur de la chapelle, vers 1912) (Le Palais de Habib Sakakini Pacha, à Daher, en 1924) (Port Said 1898)


6 responses to “Photos of Egypt

  1. There are also great pictures of old Alexandria that I enjoyed very much, seeing this whole old world makes me feel how much I wanted to live in these days with this few number of people and low crouded streets and very elegent parties and upper class.

  2. I am writing an article about Sakakini and came across the 1924 picture on your site. May I use it in my article and, of course, give credit? Lesley

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