The Tangerine Incident

Yesterday while driving home, and in the middle of Cairo’s traffic jam, I saw my mother’s car right beside mine. It was a very nice coincidence🙂. El mohem,,, as the red light seemed to be lastnig forever, she picked a tangerine and threw it to me through the window!!! Tab3an the passengers in the nearby cars were amazed ! They thought she was distributing tangerines to the passing cars or something !! One of them actually asked to have one too :-) 

This tiny little incident really changed my mood for the big drive home🙂

BTW why do we call it “yostafandi” or “youssfi” ?? When I was young I was told that someone called “Youssef Effendi” was the first one to bring it to Egypt, but is it true??

3 responses to “The Tangerine Incident

  1. hahahahah yabakhtek ya set nousha , yaretni kont embare7 fel mohandessein , heheheehehehe

    i think we all asked why its yusuf effendi when we was young , lol

    PS, i like ur blog and i ll add u in my blogroll….but not now at night when i go home , lol

  2. 😀 looooool i’m not sure about the yousef afandi part :D…mmm but maybe yousef afandi had sth to do with this fruit…who knows!
    I love such coincidences🙂

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