a movie, a poem and others

https://i0.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2c/Private_film.jpgThanks to Fadfadation’s great review, I was very curious to look for this movie. It is called “Private”, directed by Saverio Costanzo (in 2004). “the film is a minimalist psychological drama about a Palestinian family of seven suddenly confronted with a volatile situation in their home that in many ways reflects the larger ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israel…”- Wikipedia

“A home becomes a prison, though the prisoners reject possible escape, and Costanzo builds the claustrophobic suspense at every turn…. “The only way to be objective in this movie is to be subjective,” Costanzo maintains, explaining his scrupulous avoidance of rhetoric. “In that case you had to take a point of view.” Tellingly, we see solely what the family sees, only getting an inside view on the occupying Israelis when, in heart-stopping sequences, the eldest daughter Mariam spies on them from a cupboard. “In the first half you see the brutality of the soldiers,” continues Costanzo. “Then you start to understand them along with her. But it’s important that somebody is taking you up there.”  – BBC

ضحِكْنا على الماضي البعيدِ، وفي غدٍ ستجعلُنا الأيامُ أضحوكة َ الآتي
وتلكَ هِيَ الدُّنيا، رِوَايَة ُ ساحرٍ عظيمٍ، غريب الفّن، مبدعِ آياتِ
يمثلها الأحياءُ في مسرح الأسى ووسط ضبابِ الهّم، تمثيلَ أمواتِ
ليشهدَ مَنْ خَلْفَ الضَّبابِ فصولَها وَيَضْحَكَ منها مَنْ يمثِّلُ ما ياتي
وكلٌّ يؤدِّي دَوْرَهُ..، وهو ضَاحكٌ على الغيرِ، مُضْحُوكٌ على دوره العاتي
أبو القاسم الشابي

أيُّها الحُبُّ أنْتَ سِرُّ بَلاَئِي وَهُمُومِي، وَرَوْعَتِي، وَعَنَائي 
وَنُحُولِي، وَأَدْمُعِي، وَعَذَابي وَسُقَامي، وَلَوْعَتِي، وَشَقائي 
أيها الحب أنت سرُّ وُجودي وحياته ، وعِزَّتي، وإبائي 
وشُعاعي ما بَيْنَ دَيجورِ دَهري وأَليفي، وقُرّتي، وَرَجائي
فَبِحَقِّ الجَمَال، يَا أَيُّها الحُـ ـبُّ حنانَيْكَ بي! وهوِّن بَلائي 
لَيْتَ شِعْري! يَا أَيُّها الحُبُّ، قُلْ لي: مِنْ ظَلاَمٍ خُلِقَتَ، أَمْ مِنْ ضِيَاءِ؟
أبو القاسم الشابي     …………………………….. على فكرة “وسط البلد” غنوا القصيدة دي 

Abul Qassem El Shabi,,, when I think of him, I feel sorry,,, he was born in 1909, and died in 1934 due to a heart disease, he was a very talented poet (he wrote the last part of the Tunisian anthem and his portrait is shown on the 30 DT note!). He died when he was exactly my age (23). I know this is his destiny, but I still mourn him for dying young. Deep down I feel that he has achieved something in these few years, while others spend 60 or 70 years achieving nothing, or in other words just surviving. I know that for some people, the utmost hope is just to live comfortably, get married, have kids and let life goes on, and this is not a bad wish in itself, but where is the passion?? Where is the addition to life??  is this what life is all about??


Today in the First women film festival there will be a special screening for the First time women directors. (for the full program check this file from asrar el banat), it will be at the Artistic Creativity Centre at the Cairo Opera house at 6 pm.

SEPTEMBER 5, Directed by Asmaa Yehya, Egypt – Documentary – 2006 – 13min.
MARAZIK, Directed by Amal Fawzy, Egypt – Documentary – 2006 – 16min.
THE CHAOS OF FEELINGS, Directed by Effat Yehia, Egypt – Fiction – 2007 – 5min.
INSIDE OUT, Directed by Maggie Morgan, Egypt – Fiction – 2006 – 35min. 

Update: I went to see the movie, but I was late and wasn’t allowed to enter 😦 , the security man told me that I have to come early to reserve a seat! I didn'[t know that this festival would attract so many people.


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