أحب من الأسماء ما شابه اسمها
ووافقه أو كان منه دانيا
اعد الليالي ليلة بعد ليلة
وقد عشت دهرا
لا اعد الليالي
فيارب سوى الحب بيني وبينها
يذوب كفافا لا على ولا لي
وقد يجمع الشتيتين بعدما
يظنان كل الظن أن لا تلاقيا
أن لا تلاقيا

قيس بن الملوح

I keep humming Fairuz’s song “aheb men al asma`”, it’s just so beautiful, especially the part where it says “and I count the nights, night after night, and I have spent ages not counting them”.                                                                        -sigh-

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Throughout my 23 years spent on earth, I visited only Paris (France),  Budapest (Hungary), each for one week; and spent one day in Rhodes (Greece), in Antalya (Turkey), in Beirut (Lebanon), and in  a city I can’t remember its name in Syria!!!! Mmmm, I DEFINITELY NEED TO TRAVEL MORE !!!!

Yesterday I was watching Gilmore Girls with my mother. I remembered the old days when I used to go out with her just like two friends, it was a long time ago. We used to do lots of things together. We used to go to the cinema, especially in the after-midnight shows (in the summer or the winter), and we loved going to far away cinemas just to enjoy the long drive. We used to bike for hours, we used to drive aimlessly in the streets of maadi just listening to some songs from the 60’s and 70’s and drinking Coke. I remember that she would pick me up from a private lesson in el Manial, but we’d go to el mokattam to watch the sunset and drink Assab (even if there was an exam the next day). And sometimes on full moon nights, we’d go to the balcony, each with a walkman, listening to “Kare`at el Fengan” or other songs written by Nizar Kabbani.

I don’t know why but we don’t do these stuff anymore. I can accuse work, my hectic schedule, or the bulk of activities I am engaged in, or even adulthood itself, but deep down I feel guilty for not spending time with her as I used to during my school days. After all I owe her for teaching me how to enjoy the little things in life with a spontaneous and care-free mind.

I am sorry Nonna,


5 responses to “Blue

  1. Eih dah.. a Fairouz song that I’ve never heard before. I’m stunned. Nice travelling. I wanna travel some more too. Hope we get to soon. I love gilmore girls. I’m sure you and your mom will bond again.

  2. أيا ريحَ الشَّمالِ، أما تَريني أهِيمُ، وأنني بادي النُّحُولِ؟
    هبيَ لي نسمة ً من ريحِ بثنٍ، ومنيّ بالهبوبِ على جميلِ
    وقولي: يا بثينة ُ حسب نفسي قليلُكِ، أو أقلُّ مِنَ القَلِيلِ!

    “Gameel Bouthaina”

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