view from my desk


Quotes, moods, a plant, a buddha,,, That’s what I look at approx 7 hours a day…

il-pennelo.jpgI coloured this little Buddha last week in il pennello, it has opened a new branch in Mohandessin .  

I loved the place, I loved the food, the waiters are very friendly. The only drawback is that prices of the ceramic have increased 😦

One last thing, here is an interesting info received by mail. I put my birthdate, and it calculates the rest!

 Age in years: 23.73. Age in months: 285. Age in weeks: 60637. Age in days: 8662. Age in hours: 207899. Age in minutes: 12473969. Age in seconds: 748438119. Age in Milli seconds: 74843811936.

If you are interested how many milli seconds have passed in ur life, let me know and I will send u the excel sheet 🙂


6 responses to “view from my desk

  1. Cute 🙂 I spent a September in China. They believe that rubbing Buddha’s statue’s stomach provides you with good luck, grants you wishes, gives you good health and so much more 🙂 I love the Chinese.

  2. Juka, that gives me another reason to keep my little meditating man !

    emy: yes I printed all the punky moods 🙂 They draw a smile on my face whenever I look at some weird moods 🙂

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