Sherihan’s “Checkmate”

Yesterday, Rotana cinema channel showed Sherihan’s unknown movie “Checkmate”, it is from a French/ Tunisian production, and was shown only in European festivals, and was never available in Egypt ! I think it was originally produced in French, and “modablage” in English, with sub-titles in arabic.

It is a weird movie, discussing mainly political power and morals. There is an over-thrown president of a country called Boustan (Gamil Rateb), he was a ruthless dictator, but while being out of power, he started to see life differently through conversations with Maya (Sherihan). More info here and here.

I like this way of stimulating meaningful conversations, kind of remind me of other movies like “Before sun rise” or “The Legend of Bagger Vance“.


4 responses to “Sherihan’s “Checkmate”

  1. I know what u mean, it is kinda weird, plus I am not used to having 2 famous egyptian actors starring in a Tunisian production, and the dialogues not in arabic. I don’t think it would have succeeded anyway. Like you I saw only parts of it, wasn’t able to see it all. Nevertheless, I liked some of the conversations between Sherihan and Gamil Rateb about power, morals, dreams,,,

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