Yesterday I went to Ahdaf Soueif’s signing session in Diwan, I read for her “The Map of Love” when I was 18 years old, and I loved it, it really have left something in my sub-consciousness somehow. Ahdaf seems to be a very sweet person. I loved her khol 🙂 .


(Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I used my mobile’s)

She was talking about the time when she wrote “the Map of Love”, she had a day job, she’d wake up at 7 am, after work she’d pick up her kids, prepare lunch, do her chores, and then she’d sit by 9 pm, feeling very tired but willing to write till 3 am !! WOW !! I can never imagine myself doing something even close to this! But this shows how dedicated she was to her book…

A funny thing in her signature, she write Ahdaf in Arabic and Soueif in English !

It has been a long time since I last talked about my life, so here are some glimpses:

Few days ago I was walking in the streets, it was about 6 pm or something, I saw 2 things, one of them really shocked me, the other made me smile. What shocked me was seeing a woman breast-feeding her child shamelessly in the middle of the sidewalk !! I was speechless !!! What made me smile ba`a was seeing a small group of kids playing -also on the sidewalk- with a load of shredded paper, they were having lots of fun using a very simple game. Fe3lan, having fun can be very simple… 

Few days ago, a girl from OTV asked me if she can ask me few questions, it felt so childish but I said Ok, I can do that…… I totally regretted it 🙂 The question were kinda stupid, and my answers were even more stupid,,, (Note to self: control this impulsiveness) 🙂

Lately I got to hear about 2 nice real love stories (close to fairy tales), and  it has been a long time since I last beleived in their existence. Even though I don’t know if they will end in a “happy ever after”, but it’s nice to know that there is still pure beauty in this world.

Have a great weekend,


2 responses to “Glimpses

  1. nice post and thank you for introducing “Ahdaaf” and her book I am so curious now to read it.
    Our streets are full of amazingly events every passing minute if you are a loving streets person like me you will beleive, sometimes I take the TRAM ” or metro but we call it tram in Alex” and just hang to see people and lovers and real happiness and sadness. hope my little visit didn’t bother you.

  2. Thanks Hicham for ur comment 🙂
    I share with u the love for streets, when I was in university, I used to take the CTA, and spend the time just watching people on the streets, imagining their stories, analyze the look on their faces, and imagine from where they are coming and to where they are going … it’s fun begad.

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