A Batch of Random questions

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SECTION 1 – Last 1s?

1. last beverage? Coke diet
2. last phone call? Maioui
3. last instant message? Mo
4. last cd played? Dah zaman awy
5. last time you cried? 2 months ago, in a funeral
6. last text message? Hany

Section 2 – 6 Have You Evers:

1. dated someone twice? No
2. been cheated on? No
3. kissed someone & regretted it? No
4. lost someone special? No
5. been depressed? mmm, not really, just had some extreme bad moods
6. been drunk and threw up? Nop

Section 3 – List 3 Favourite Colors

1. Deep Blue sea
2. Pink
3. Orange

Section 4 – This month have you

1. Made a new friend? yes
2. Fallen out of love? No (should fall in love first)
3. Laughed until you cried? yessssss
4. Met someone who changed your life? Nop
5. Found out who your true friends were? I already know
6. Is there something you want to tell someone? yes, go and have a life!
7. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? nooo
8. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? 10%
9. How many kids do you want to have? 3 or 4
10. Do you have any pets? No, but I used to have a dog.
11. Do you wanna change your name? no,, I’m fine with it
12. What did you do for your last birthday? with a bunch of friends at EuroDeli, it was fun.
13. What time did you wake up today? 9 am
14.What were you doing at midnight last night? trying to sleep
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for? TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD!
16. Last time you saw your father? 30 minutes ago
17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? having enough time to chill out with friends, hang out with the family, work and have some solo time …. sigh
18.What are you listening to right now? TV
19. Have you ever talked to Tom? No, but would love to!
21. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? yes, but not in a bad way
22. What’s the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? my brother’s sweatshirt!
23. Who’s getting on your nerves right now? Nobody
24. Most visited webpage? Google/Wikipedia!
25. Coke or Pepsi? doesn’t matter!
26. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past week? non
27. Mac or PC? PC (as I didn’t try MAC)

And I tag Juka, Nesrina, Nerro, Fadfadation, OpeRon, Om Luji


7 responses to “A Batch of Random questions

  1. Many thanks Nousha for the tag, will start doing it right away 
    I liked that so much “Is there something you want to tell someone? yes, go and have a life!”
    True who pokes into other’s life should go get a life and he won’t find the time to intrude… sa7 🙂

  2. Ahhh haven’t been kissed b4 :o, that’s a bad sign 😮
    & yuppppy i agree wiz MemZ, Mac_s r just Gr8888888888

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