Golf in Egypt

It has been a long time since I last talked about Golf. Golf is seen by many Egyptians as that luxurious game played by old lazy rich men. “What’s fun in following a small ball all around the place”, that’s a phrase I always hear. Many people I know are surprised why I chose to play golf, actually it was something I wanted to do for some time (it was on my To Do list 🙂 ), and I had the chance to try it last year, and I was instantly hooked up to that small irritating ball. I spent long hours trying to perfect that shot, and at the end I mess it all up and return home more frustrated than ever, but eager to come again and give it another try. I heard before that doing a perfect shot after so many trials gives you the same sensation of feeling in love ! Tab3an this is exagerated, but a well played shot feels amazing. Also spending some time in silence, away from the hectic uran life, seeing pretty landscapes,,, is exactly what I need after a long week of work.

El Mohem,,, there are many golf courses in Egypt, (more than what I thought), pictures from google earth can be found here. I found an interesting post by Mohamed Siam from google earth community with brief description on all the golf courses in Egypt, I really liked it.

And here are some links:


2 responses to “Golf in Egypt

  1. Hmmm. Golf. I have to be honest with you. I never really got it 🙂 but as long as you are happy. You know what Twain once said? “Golf is a good walk ruined!!” 😉

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