The Weekend

The weekend is over, and here we are on a Sunday evening, 4 and half days away from the next one.

I had a pretty busy weekend. On Thursday I had some mashaweer, and I had the DELF exam. Akhiran. It wasn’t very hard, I hope to pass it.. Ya Rab. The conversation’s topic was about the advertisements in the public TV. Easy, but I was tensed a little bit at the beginning. My examiner was a nice man, I really felt we had a chitchat, not an exam. But generally I am suspicious with easy exams more than the hard ones, I feel that there is always something fishy, and that there were tricks I didn’t discover.. Rabena Yostor.

Anyway, I arrived home pretty late, hurried to get ready for the Opera’s ballet (One Thousand and one night). I went with some friends (Thanks D). Generally I am not that cultured of a person to attend Opera’s events, but once or twice per year are enough for me. I am not a big ballet fan, I like the costumes, the lights, the music, the story, the movements, the general atmosphere of dressing up and heading to the opera house, but in general I prefer listening to some talking every now and then ! (that’s why I can’t listen to Lounge music for a long time unless I was having some quality time with friends)….

El mohem, I loved the show, but when my brother told me about Omar Khairat’s concert in the AUC on Friday I definitely said no, kefaya culture for the time being. One of the nicest things in the evening is that by mere chance I saw MANY people I know!!! including one of my best friends who went there with a group of her university buddies and was sitting in the same row ! 

All of this was in Thursday. On Friday I had few stuff to do in the morning, seeing my family and one of my friends. By night we gathered in the house of my friend and decided to play games, we played Chinese checkers and Hangman on the computer, and it was a heated competition between the two teams  🙂 (can you imagine that we played hangman for almost 3 hours non stop!)….

Saturday morning was spent in a lecture and doing other trivial stuff, then the rest of the day was spent in deep antakha. I read parts of Maalouf’s Samarkand (didn’t finish it yet, but so far I love it), saw Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (didn’t find it that funny, but that’s another post), then slept at 10 pm (this should be recorded in history, me spending quasi the whole day at home and sleeping early !! )

Bas keda


2 responses to “The Weekend

  1. You are not alone on the culture thing… i just started taking interest a couple of years ago.

    Some things are a big no no to me…like the Opera….mish 2ader !
    My wife loves them, i hope my children will like it too and take their mother 🙂 hehehehe

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