Rembrandt and self portraits 

Yesterday in the art appreciation lecture given by Camel in el Kotob Khan, we were discussing the Baroque art, emphasyzing the works of the Rembrandt. We were discussing an important note on his self-portraits.

He was a prolific painter of self-portraits, producing almost a hundred of them (including some 20 etchings) throughout his long career. Together they give us a remarkably clear picture of the man, his appearance, and more importantly his deeper being, as revealed by his richly-weathered face.” ()

Plus, Camel told us that Rembrandt was a lonely man, he didn’t have friends, and his wife died young, so he had no one to converse with except himself ! (there are other theories explaining why he drew himself that much, but that’s another story)

Isn’t this what blogging is all about at the end? Writing down ur thoughts, interests, specific points in life, so in 10 or 20 years you’d go back and trace how you have grown to be that person. Right?


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