Mark ur calendar

Feb 18th 7:00pm: El-Banat Dol documentary @ CIC, I really wanted to see that movie, I heard it was beyond amazing, Also the director Tahani Rashed will be there in the CIC !

Feb 20th 7:00pm: Four Women of Egypt documentary @ CIC

Feb 21st 8:00pm: Eskendrella concert @ Sakya, I attended one of their concerts where they sang Sayed Darwish’s, El Rahbani’s and El Sheikh Imam’s. They are very good, the audience was delighted.

Feb 25th 7:30pm: Book discussion (Taxi by Khaled el-Khameesy) @ Kotob Khan, I have also heard how good this book was, I hope that I can read it soon.

Feb 27th 7:00pm: Book discussion (The Committee by Sonallah Ibrahim) @ Kotob Khan (arranged by CBOOKC). GREAT GREAT book. The committee is one of those books that you’d stay speechless for 5 minutes after turning the last page. It talks about a guy going for an interview with a ‘committee’, they ask him all sorts of question and the weirdest research about “ألمع شخصية في الوطن العربي” !! Throughout the novel, there are socio-political conversations that would open ur eyes to issues from different angels, all of this in a mysterious atmosphere. Very recommended.

March 25th and 26th: Fire of Anatolia performing live in the sound and light theater.


3 responses to “Mark ur calendar

  1. Contemporary Image Collective Cairo (CICC) 20 Safiya Zaglul St, Off Qasr Al-Aini St, Downtown. +(202) 794 16 86

    U’d better cal them so they can give u a detailed description. The building is quite old, but very pretty.

  2. Nousha, I will be going to Eskenderella’s concert & Taxi book discussion. If you want to borrow born on a blue day, I can bring it with you in any of those events

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