Omar Al Mukhtar

Today I watched on MBC2 Mustafa El Akkad’s “Lion Of the Desert”. What an amazing movie! It is just so great… Too bad it was considered as one of the largest financial disasters in film history ( The film cost approximately $35 million but only managed to gross about $1 million worldwide).

The antagonists, Omar Muktar played by Anthony Quinn, and Gen. Graziani, played by Oliver Reed, only have one scene together. And it is such a memorable scene.

Another interesting detail: Italian authorities banned the movie in 1982 because, in the words of prime minister Giulio Andreotti (later found guilty of supporting the mafia in about the same years), as it was considered “damaging to the Army’s honour”. The last act of the government against the movie was on April 7, 1987, in Trento; after this event, MPs from Democrazia Proletaria asked the Parliament to show the movies at the Chamber of Deputies itself.

Here are some info on the REAL Omar Mukhtar from Wikipedia:

Omar Mukhtar (Arabic عمر المختار ‘Umar Al-Mukhtār) (1862 – September 16, 1931) was from the tribe of Mnifa, born in a small village called Janzour located in the the eastern part of Barqa- not to be confused with the city of western Libya called Janzour which is more well known. He was the leader of the resistance movement against the Italian military occupation of Libya for more than twenty years. In 1912, following the Italian capture of Libya from the occupying Turks the previous year, Omar Mukhtar organized and devised strategies for the Libyan resistance against the Italian colonization.

A teacher of the quran by profession, Mukhtar was also skilled in desert tactics. He knew his country’s geography well, and used that knowledge to his advantage in battles against the Italians, who were not accustomed to desert warfare. He repeatedly led his small, highly alert groups in successful attacks against the Italians, after which they would fade back into the desert terrain. Mukhtar’s men skillfully attacked outposts, ambushed troops, and cut lines of supply and communication. The Italians were left astonished and embarrassed to have been outsmarted and tricked by mere “bedouin.”
Mukhtar’s nearly twenty year struggle came to an end when he became wounded in battle and was subsequently captured by the Italian army. The Libyan hero was treated like a prize catch by the Italians.

See the photo of his capture? They are proud as if he was a captured beast!!! shame on colonialism!!

In his trial, he said:

The people of the cities hated me because I brought them bad luck, and I hated them in return because they did not help the cause of their religion, for which alone I fought.He also mentioned that his son (Mohamed Sahle) at that time was 13 years old and was in Egypt. I tried to google him but didn’t reach anything…

Anyway, a deep sense of respect for such great man is filling me after watching the movie. And chapeau for Mostafa Akkad.


28 responses to “Omar Al Mukhtar

  1. i just watched the movie in MBC2 and in my opinion omar mukhtar was a great warrior that the arab will never have…

  2. he was great warrior in islam and we are proud of him. he fought when in his 70’s. this movie soon got banned by italian and also in USA. more people see online or they have the old copie of the movie. if they shouldn’t banned this movie its gonna make alot of monney u ever emagin.

    • not enough……………you should pay tribute to such a great hero…who fought for your country,,ur father,your mother..and the result reserved a paper for LIBIYA in HISTORY

  3. I have seen this movie several times and i have a dvd of it too. It is available in Landmark bookshop chennai.

    Akkad was a director educated in US. The movie was full of morals and the quotations are too good. It is just that it is difficult to understand graziani aka oliver reed’s dialogues which is a reflection of the suave accent of those colonial times.

    The real reason for its box office failure is that it points out the obvious truth of colonialism.

    The music is awesome. There is a certain shot after 1.5 hours which gives the true pic of the concentration camp and suddenly it is interspersed with the actual black and white aerial view of the actual concentration camp, this was one of my favorite and most sentimental pieces.

    The islamic morals of the movie in no way reflect the wahhabi jihad or the orthodox conquests of moghuls et al, rather a jihad to fight for ones country, nation and honor. Compared to omar mukthar Gandhi whom india revers was a true sweet lipped charlatan.

  4. huh todqay i saw the movie………………..i can’t stop tears have fallen like rain………..especially when the officer says “i’m not here to hang women”….i think how many conquers can saticify this bloody beast troops..italian,german ,english ,dutch,every stupid country living on human blood…canibals……and the real picture of JIHAD has shown in this movie..every pak n afghan citizen must watch this to know what is JIHAD rather than listening to orthodox terrorists..
    war for water,land,women,children,people will last for ever in the hearts of people…..and war for free money,blood,name,fame,will be lost in the history

  5. He was a true Hero and he will be a true Hero.This americans and italians and any other nations should know this,that nothing will stop any muslim for their rights.May ALLAH’S blessing and peace be upon OMAR MUKHTAR may his SOUL rest in PEACE and HARMONY,AMEEN.
    There is more to say but so little space,and hats off to Mostafa Akkad for bringing up the truth.Thanks.I am sorry if I’ve offended anyones feeling but this is the truth.

  6. he is a real man, not every man has a that kind of mercy giving by god to fight for his land ,faith,religion and people those nations are still strugling for their freedom may learn more from his life

  7. This is the right face of JIHAD. I watch this movie in my native language cried many time. Omar Mukhtar is role model for every muslim

  8. *OMER MUKTHER* is a really the lion of desert & a good freedom fighter, through which libiya got freedom from Italy coloniels INSHA ALLAH ALLAH WILL REWARD HIM HEAVEN (JANNATH).

  9. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

    We all should get inspiration from this great hero of islam, Dont let anyone rule your land, the last sentence from SYEDNA OMAR MUKHTAR brought tears and how true it is, FROM GOD WE COME AND UNTO GOD WE SHALL RETURN. May ALLAH increase your ranks in Jannah AAMIN.

  10. For those of you interested here is a clear quick version of the Movie

    Favourite quotes:

    The book leaves no doubt, it is our duty to god to fight those who have driven us from our homes OMAR TO ITALIAN TEAM OF NEGOTIATORS

    We stood with you for 20 years and with gods help we will stay till your end. OMAR TO ITALIAN TEAM OF NEGOTIATORS

    We will never surrender, we fight or we die. There will be the next generation and the next and next. As for me i might live longer than my hangman: Omar to Graziani

    The battle is not fought in the League of Nations, it is fought here (points to the libyan earth). They steal our lands by the day and we take it back by night, Omar to Arab renegades.

    Boy, dont beg boy dont beg: Omar to his captor

    As for the roman coin, you will find greek, phoneician assyrian and other coins scattered all over the sands of libya. Libya is not your land and you dont have a minute’s right in it, no nation has the right to occupy another. Omar To graziani

    God thank you for all the lives you have given us: Both Ali’s mother and Omar say this during the noose.

    Sometimes it is brave not to die: Omar to his fellow mujaheed.

    Most sentimental when omar is in the prison cell with the Azan playing in the background. I am too old to climb walls or fight barehanded.

    The best part is that none of the actors are muslims. the pretty woman Eleanor stathopolous was greek, any photos or DOB of her.

    These are times when idiots like AR Rehman and slumdog millionaires win grammys and oscars, it is hence unlikely that a blockbuster like Lion of the Desert can ever win one, we truly live in sad times, that such a moral inspirational move is censured by the western idiots

    • bhaiya rgopi30 you fucker……lion of desert is a great movie…everbody accepted it..but neither RAHMAN nor SLUMDOG are bad its u idiot a bitchy dog that can’t know the quality only can smell…..SLUM DOG’S MUSIC IS ULTIMATE ONE THAT ROBBED MILLIONS OF HEARTS…f

      • pathetic english, pathetic morals, pathetic taste in movies and music. You can hang with AR Rahman. Pity the site does not have a provision for reporting abuse

  11. Salam to all my muslim brothers!!

    Omar Mukhtar was a great and knowledgeable person. He stood like an Iron Wall infront of Italian Army and their machines. Yes, he;s lion of the desert. May Allah bless him in after journey.

  12. Great movie……Great Man…

    i salute him…

    he is like our Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh……

    i Hate Itly…n European Countries………


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