Hala Show on the edge

I received by mail some clips of the El Mehwar’s 90 minutes discussing Hala Sarhan‘s episodes on fatayat el leil in Egypt, it is said that Hala fabricated the whole thing and that the girls that were interviewed as ‘bad girls’ were actually paid to do so! (Masrawy ‘s and Elaph’s article) . Till now I didn’t watch these episodes yet, but if this turned out to be true, then most probably Hala’s future with Rotana will definitely be over (especially that the general attorney has pressed charges against her (……)

What others are saying about it: So  Why are Egyptians angry? another opinion…..


Anyway, I am not for or against Hala per se, I am not a big fan of her show but I watch it every now and then (once every 3 months 🙂 ), and I don’t see how they compare her to Oprah, but I hope that she didn’t do this foolish step that would definitely ruin a career she fought for.


One response to “Hala Show on the edge

  1. I agree with everything you said about Hala Sarhan and her show. I also think that she doesn’t have a sincere desire to change society. She just wants her show to be attractive, but it has become something like “elmooled.” This is, however, is not a reason to reject everything she tackles in her show. Some of the topic she chooses for discussion are very good, but she is not up to the level of handling them. She always tends to be over acting, and wants to stress all the time that the whole show is about HER and nothing else.
    I also liked what Magdy Mehanna wrote about this issue: http://www.almasry-alyoum.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=47947&r=t

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