My journey in the police station

Yesterday I had to go to the police station for a paper. It was my first time to go there alone, my father alway accompanied me in such trips, so I assumed a very serious face and walked in, bas tab3an this didn’t save me from hearing different types of mo3aksat and the worst thing it wasn’t from common guys, it was from the officers themselves !!!

basateen.jpg(tabour el 3eish!!???)

Anyway, I went there, but then I discovered that I need to get the paper from the post office. So I called my brother to ask him about the nearest post office. So I got the paper. Then I went there and waited in the long queue in the middle of a horrible crowd, and when I reached the cashier he told me “you didn’t get the stamp yet, go get one”, so I went to get one and took another turn in the long queue. And when I finally reached there he asked me for my ID and a copy, so I returned again to look for a photocopier. I went to some kind of information desk to ask where I can find a photocopier, there was an elder officer standing close, he told me “why didn’t u come to me in the first place?” and with a yellow smile he explained to me where to go, and at the end he said don’t forget to make 2 copies, so I thanked him and went on my way only to hear him with a loud voice “don’t u know why u do need the second copy? it is for el ma`zoon” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that moment I was just about to explode, and for a second I hated being without a chaperon and hated being the tough girl who can do all her papers all by herself.

Later on in Beano’s (at el amar el sena3i), I was telling my friends that story, one of them -he works as wakil niaba- was very angry with me that I didn’t tell him beforehand, he said that he knew el ma`mour very well and I shouldn’t have went all by myself,,,,, I really hate to admit that but next time I won’t finish my stuff using the normal procedures, I would definitely try out the other doors.

I HATE officers….


7 responses to “My journey in the police station

  1. Tahia Masr ya Nousha, that’s why i hate being a part of this community nowadays, momken zaman kanet masr helwa we momken kaman later bas NOW it’s HORRIBLE, me myself go finishing my stuff using other doors after having been through the same situation that you’ve suffered from.
    I don’t want to be harsh, bas Egypt is falling directly to Hell with an outstanding speed and i hate to be taken fe el regleen!!
    Sigh with a Smile (a smile of who don’t know what to do)!

  2. Nousha, you are suicidal. Ezay ya benty te3melly fi nafsek kedda? I can never imagine going to a police station alone. Enty fakra nafsek fi London? 🙂
    I hope you didn’t suffer as much as I think. I’ve actually had a big fight on the day I was issuing my new ID (the one with the national number). It was one of the worst days of my life. I was ready to kill if only I had a gun.
    Now you know what you should do next time.

  3. Well… 🙂 What can I say, I’m a guy and I hate going to governmental institutions to finish my papers! Believe me if I said, If we are just normal human beings we will have difficulties living in Egypt now! People have forgotten their respect to themselves even before respecting others… Sometimes I just wish we can change it, especially when I see youth complaining; maybe they’ll get the opportunity to change something in the future… I really do hope we can have a role to change the way people treat each other.

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