The Lost Oases: one book, four versions !

Ahmed Bey Hassaneinan Oxford-graduate Egyptian, grandson of the last Admiral of Egyptian fleet, son of Al-Azhar Professor, diplomat, Olympic champion, Photographer, Writer, King’s tutor, politician and a world-famous legendary explorer of the 1920s. I have talked about him before when I was discussing his book “The Lost Oases” where he was describing his memorable expedition in the Libyan desert in 1923.المشروع%20القومي%20للترجمة/880.gif

When he wanted to document his journey, he wrote two books, one addressing the English audience call “The Lost Oases” (which was re-printed by the AUC press), and another one in Arabic called “في صحراء ليبيا“…. I repeat… he wrote 2 versions of the same book ! Both of them are an enjoyable read.

I thought that the Arabic version was out of print but then I found that  المؤسسة العربية للدراسات والنشر (I think it is Lebanese) has printed anther version called رحلة في صحراء ليبيا 1923. The funny thing is that المشروع القومي للترجمة decided to translate the English version (الواحات المفقودة) !! So now we have one book, originally  written in two languages (not translated from Arabic to English or vice versa), and having 3 different Arabic versions !!

Fe3lan wednak menein ya goha ??



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