Ukemi and Moving on


In Aikido, one of the first things you learn is ukemi or how to fall (literally how to receive the ground). At the beginning it may seem hard (it took me months before I was able to digest the idea of falling!), but eventually when you visualize it and know its dynamics, it will seem very easy. Just imagine that you are a ball rolling on the ground 🙂 you have to fall on the ground gradually, first your hand touches the ground, then your shoulder, then your back and ultimately the rest of your body rolling over. So in case you had to fall, you will go unharmed, and you will get back fast on your feet ready to face another challenge.

Now how can we reflect this idea in our daily life? First you have to plan ahead before an actual problem happens, secondly you have to exercise this plan regularly till you are certain that you can do it for real, thirdly after facing the danger you have to stand up from this problem with no remorse ready to face new challenges….


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