My trip to the book fair

Akhiran I went to the book fair yesterday with Juka and another friend.  Tab3an I got so many books, way over the initial budget I had in mind, bas I am happy with my new collection 🙂 At the same time I don’t know where to store them, my shelves are fully books, I will have to figure out a space to squeeze them.

Tab3an the rain was a big surprise, I love the rain, but not when I am holding 3 bags full of books, one of them is paper bag which burst open and the content fell in the mud. My jeans was literally soaked! But I loved it 🙂 Aina3am I had to stay with the same wet pants because later on I was seeing some friends (we were planning on going for a horse back riding, but it was cancelled 😦 ) , So we stayed in a cafe, indulging hot chocolate, and playing ginga. It was fun.

A good news is I bought Amin Maalouf’s Samarkand from Kotob Khan, I found the Arabic version and I can’t wait to read it.

Kefaya books ba`a,,,, 7abba tahyiiiss



BTW,, sometimes I feel that 95% of guys have a big tendency to be another Andy Cap 🙂 , it’s just a feeling 🙂


One response to “My trip to the book fair

  1. Hallo. It was great to finally meet you. It was fun chilling in the fair with a fellow blogger. Take care dear. If you enjoyed the book be sure to write a review now. Will be chatting with ya later. God bless.

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