Aikido with your spouse??

In an Aikido forum I found a discussion about whether a couple can train together in the same dojo (=training place). It was from a man whose wife asked him if she can join his Aikido class because she would like to become more involved to what he does for fun. There were many responses to this post, some said it was a recipe for disaster and others said it was a great idea. Some even told their stories. I found some interesting replies,, Masalan..

“Met my girlfriend at aikido, we’re getting married in a year or so. I’m her aikido instructor, off the mat she’s my girlfriend, on it she’s my student and we are very sensible about separating the two.”

That’s impressive! For those who don’t do martial arts, the status of the instructor (sensei) is quite unique. He should be treated with the utmost respect. So when it comes to having a sensei as a husband, this can be very delicate.

“I can’t imagine a better experience than practicing aikido with your spouse. I started Aikido with my wife about a year ago, and we have been having a ball! … It is almost like having a training partner around everyday. Cooking together, or any daily life stuff, becomes so much fun when aikido is stirred in the mix. I will often be attacking her with a wooden spoon etc., or she will go to hold my hand and end up applying yonkyo.”

“Aikido has made a lot of our conversations, and actions a lot smoother, learning to get off the line and blend is a good thing, especially with your spouse! However….. We have a different relationship than most couples. We are quite happy being together in very small spaces, we have lived aboard a boat and sailed over half the planet for the last 12 years.”

I would LOVE to experience this 🙂 Playing around with Aikido at home can be so much fun 🙂 me and my friends sometimes do this at cafes or at the club, and people would stare at us, but it is just so much FUN, Imagine how it would be if you’d share this with your partner !! And as for sailing together across the globe!! I would definitely LOVE that!



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