How to Exercise an Open Mind

🙂 This is Fun 🙂

I found this article in Wiki How, enjoy!

“Simply put, doing unique, random, different, and ridiculous things is a good way to exercise the mind and promote new ways of thinking about the world around us. One hour of increased brain activity via thinking a lot or experiencing new stimuli can make you smarter, more energetic, more creative, more sociable, and more open to new experiences and ways of thinking.”

  1. Stimulate your ears differently. Try different music you haven’t tried before..
  2. Stimulate your eyes in new ways….
  3. Learn about different people and lifestyles.
  4. Take unusual classes… open your mind to learning things like Art History, Underwater Basketweaving, First Aid training, or Business Ethics… Learn different languages …
  5. If you exercise by jogging, biking, or walking, find new routes. Find parks where you live. Jog with different neighborhoods …
  6. Try foods you have never tried. Have you tried sushi? Have you tried Vietnamese? Mediterranean? Indian?…
  7. Learn to do a backflip. A kip-up. Take martial arts classes. Try some Hip-Hop classes…
  8. Try skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing, Hang gliding, parasailing, surfing, and anything else that pushes the limits of your comfort zone!
  9. Learn to juggle. A great workout for your brain, eyes and reflexes…
  10. Do the sudoku in the newspaper!
  11. Try to see another person’s perspective. What is important to that person? What is he or she self-conscious about?
  12. Travel – becoming an outsider really exposes a mind to new things. You can even do this travel inside your country or state! How well do you know your own city? Have you tried using only a bike, or only using your own two feet and public transportation?

There are much more tips in the article, but what really made me feel happy is that I already did almost all of the past list. Every now and then I listen to new music, observe new forms of art, I love meeting people with lifestyles different than mine, I keep up with attending some diverse workshops, I try to learn Spanish besides French, I go cycling every other week (and I try to go through different routes), I have finally tried Sushi and hope to try different foods, I do martial arts, I even tried a couple of hiphop classes (!), Water sports and diving are on my list for 2007 (ISA), mmm I didn’t try juggling before so I’d give it a try, and I LOVE travelling 🙂

Now, what more that can be done?? I would love to have a very long walk one day (example from Maadi to Down Town), I should work more on see another person’s perspective, I used to exercise this often, but now I don’t… mm I’d better do that kind of stuff more often.


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