I Love Games

I don’t like it when some people talk about games as the ultimate waste of time. And here I mean card games, board game, starting from KonKan, Domino americani, monolopy, risk, tawla 3ada, ma7boussa, chinese checkers,,, you name it. I love these games. When I was young I used to play it with my family,,, I remember spending hours playing KonKan, tawla and domino with my grandfather and cousins, and I enjoyed it. Aslan it taught me many things,

  • domino amricani for examples made me love mathematics, for me multiplications were just a game, 


  • Monopoly gave me an idea about doing business, and made me realize that this is not my field of interest


  • Tawla / Backgammon  (My favorite is 3ada, but I also play ma7boussa and I have just started learning wa7ed we talatin),  Risk and Stratego also taught me about strategy and risk taking… I don’t know why but I was never a chess fan.


  • Chinese checkers taught me how to plan ahead, and how to be flexible because others may discover your plan and ruin it, and I loved playing with “el belii”


  • Battle ship, we used to play it on a board and at other times with just using a pen and paper!


Even Nefertari used to play board games, we should be proud of our Egyptian heritage 🙂



7 responses to “I Love Games

  1. I agree with you ya Nousha, I love games too and I add to them the computer games and play station …
    I see games as refreshing, kinda stimulating ur mind in a different way and amusing.

  2. And I thought I was an addict 😀 Your post was very reminiscent of better days. Of summers in Sa7el playing cards or games in the balcony enjoying the breeze and staying up into the wee hours of the night each fighting for the chance to sleep the winner. I miss those days, those people and definately those games.

  3. I fully agree with you and Nesrina – about PC games. But I Like another type of game – online one. In fact I’m backgammon fan 🙂 and Like to play this game everywhere….. but especially in the internet. http://the-backgammon-guide.com/
    it is a link to online backgammon world 🙂 Not a real promotion, just check it! It is as well as ‘real table’ one. In my humble opinion of course.

  4. maz, Gin Rummy is very similar to konkan, you will find a lot of sites and applications. It’s better than nothing.

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