Exposing The Relationship Between Shutter, Aperture and Depth Of Field

Interesting article about photography


Bit’s Explained

  • Rain (light): Sometimes a downpour and sometimes just a shower, light falls like rain into our camera.
  • Opening (aperture): The wider the top of the bucket the more rain you’ll get, the aperture is just a hole that you can make bigger or smaller.
  • Lid (shutter): You need to open the lid of the bucket to let the rain in, once you’ve got the required amount of rain you close the lid. A shutter is just the same, a device that opens to let in light and closes afterward, usually in a very short space of time.
  • Rain Gauge (film/sensor): The amount of rain collected, be it film or digital the amount of light collected results in the captured image being correctly exposed or the image is too bright or too dark (over or under exposed).
  • Collected Rain (exposed image): The rain captured in the bucket is similar to the impression left on the film.
  • Bucket (camera): Well ok it’s not quite the same as a camera, there’s no lens for a start but we don’t generally try to focus rain and really most people understand that a lens is used to focus light )

Collecting Just The Right Amount Of Rain As you can see from our bucket setup in order to collect the right amount of rain we’ve got a few choices. There’s a strict relationship between how long we leave the lid off (length of time the shutter is open), versus how big the opening is in the bucket (size of aperture), versus how heavily the rain is falling (amount of light coming from the scene). All these things contribute to the amount of collected rainwater (exposed image). The exact same thing is true for a camera, any given scene contains a certain amount of light. To get the correct amount of light to accurately record the image you have choices; the longer the shutter (lid) is open then smaller the aperture (opening) has to be. If the aperture (opening) is larger we’d need to keep the shutter (lid) open for less time….

If you are interested in photography but don’t want to spend 1 K LE for a course, then continue this article, it really gives an easy explanaition for the main photography ideas. Chapeau for the author.


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