An everyday story (part 2)


I am not used to writing, but a long time ago I decided to write something and here is its sequel. (Here is part 1). Please let me know your opinion.


I guess by now you already know my story from my husband’s letter. I hate it when he talks about this incident; almost instantly I feel people’s looks of pity falling on me, I feel it in their little murmurs, the sudden moments of silence when they meet me. I can even hear them thinking over and over “oh poor girl”. Oh I hate these moments.

As much as I see my condition as a hardship, I also consider it as a gift. God has sent me the only way to win my husband’s affection and this is what matters at the end. And this gift, I will cherish all my life.

Regarding the troubles I face, I can handle them with the will of God. I admit that I miss many things in my previous life; you know I never was this woman who would eagerly discuss with their neighbors the new TV series! But I can manage that. Still, the one thing I desperately long for is totally different than my previous life pattern…

Throughout my life I wanted to raise good kids. I trained my body to play with them without being out of breath in the first half hour. I read and learnt a lot so I can teach them how to discover the world with free thinking. But now I won’t be able to even know the features of my son… I am not envying mothers, but the one thing I long for is seeing my unborn child. I want to see him at school playing football with his friends, I want to see him on graduation day smiling proudly at the camera, and I want to see him on his wedding day sharing a new life with his chosen partner…. Oh God help me, give me the strength to embrace my fate.

Anyway, this is not what I initially intended to tell you. I wanted to talk about my current life, my daily routine, my new hobbies, the caring of my husband, the support of my family and friends,,, etc but frankly my mind went blank and this is all that I was able to decipher from my troubled mind.

Thanks for your time.


2 responses to “An everyday story (part 2)

  1. Oh nousha you are talented and soooo sensitive…actually i felt like tears are coming to my eyes when i read :”the one thing I long for is seeing my unborn child”, what a feeling, really touching!
    Keep it up, wanna read more of your writings…please!

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