Edaia fi geyoubi,,,

إيديا فى جيوبى و قلبى طرب
سارح فى غربة بس مش مغترب
وحدى لكن ونسان و ماشى كده
بابتعد.. ماعرفش ..أو باقترب
صلاح جاهين


I’m having a hard time commenting on this verse. It is just it is so lovely…. I heard it for the first time in Moh Mounir’s last album, and tonight I was surprise to find it among Jahin’s roba3eyat….

I can’t remember how many times I passed through this,,, this moment in time when u put ur hands in ur pocket feeling warmth in ur heart… when u are alone but not lonely… when u are confused about whether u are getting closer or drifting away…



6 responses to “Edaia fi geyoubi,,,

  1. Thanks nousha for sharing,
    Salah jaheen is simply the best..egyptian authentic to the bone..
    great pick and nice feelings.. 🙂

  2. We were trying to kill time waiting so each of us was saying which song was most reflective of his life, a friend of mine cited those very verses. I had never heard them before, but to this moment they still ring true.

  3. yeah nousha wonderful poem, actually it’s my first time to read it, it has a part of the truth, despite that sometimes it doesn’t happen to be alone but not lonely-for me at leat, bas yeah sometimes we feel that there is no accurate explination of what we are passing through, are we coming closer or drifting away!…Gahin is great, for me he is a philosopher, it’s lovely, thanks for letting us know about it!

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