My Passport

Today I took a look at my passport, I discovered that it will be expired this year in 31st of July. Yaaaah! Seven years have already passed since I issued my ‘first’ passport! I can still remember that day quite well. It was my first time for many things, my first time to enter Mogama3 el Tahrir, my first time to deal directly with the government offices, it was actually  during my first month after Thanaweya Amma’s exams! It was in 1st August 2000.

I had some prejudices about government offices, that they were a waste of time, and that the employees are rude and lazy. I was very surprised when the woman doing the work was very nice to me, she complimented me on finishing Thanaweya Amma with good grades, and as a ‘reward’ she gave me a unique number for my passport 😀 I was so happy about that 😀 Also she advised that we make the quick service for passports and surprisingly I received it after exactly 3 hours! BTW I discovered that this attitude was very exceptional, I had other painful experiences in the driving license and the car license…

Anyway, here I am skimming through my passport. I discovered that I really didn’t make lots of travelling. One week in a Mediterranean tour (August 2000), one week in Paris (July 2003) and one week in Budapest (March 2006). So unintentionally I made a trip abroad every 3 years,,, hmm,, this is not a good sign at all ! I really need to travel more, I desperately need to see the outer world. I hope that I won’t do this in year 2009 !!!


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