Shaklaha Bazet book discussion

Yesterday, I went to Kotob Khan for the discussion of Omar Taher’s “Shaklaha Bazet”. It was an amazing night. I was a little bit late (15 min), and I couldn’t find a seat easily! We were a bunch of 40 people or more, it was jammed and many were standing the whole time, but all of us enjoyed tremendously. Omar is a very down-to-earth guy, cracked us with laughter many times 😀 It was really good. We also got to know some insights about his works, how he wrote this book, some secrets from his father (yes, his father attended the discussion, and he is an adorable man). Omar also signed for me my copy of his book, so sweet of him. I hope he’ll finish his next book sooooooooooooon.

As I was in Kotob Khan, I couldn’t leave without getting few books :-), I got some serious ones (ماذا حدث للمصريين لجلال أمين, المدينة العربية , شخصية مصر – الوسيط لجمال حمدان), and a not-so-serious one (سيد درويش prepared by Cultnat).

Currently I am reading a book called “los siete pasos de Osiris” by Dr. Juan Martin, it is a historical novel in Spanish. Actually this is my first book to read in Spanish, and I really want to finish it soon. It is very interesting, it goes back in the past, talks about the present and then jumps into the future (Imagine a revolution led by a dictator happening in Egypt, imagine a place where history is considered a taboo!). I finished only a quarter, so I’d better wait before giving a full review, but so far it is VERY interesting!

Last but not least,,,, shewaya halss :-D. Sayed Darwish is amazing. Here is a song:

لحن الوارثين و النسوان

الوارثين الرجال ع النسوان يا سلام سلم مافيش كده أبدا بهجة

داحنا الوارثين يا أفندم ضاربين الدنيا طبنجة

يا حبيبتي دي جتتي ساحت و الحب اهو نط في كرشي

دي ساعة الحظ ان راحت أبدا ما تتعوضشي

كل الأطيان لو ضاعت في بوسة مانستخسرشي

النسوان مين يشوفنا بالذمة و لا يطلعش من دينه

اللي يعمل لنا حشمة خليه يتلهي على عينه

نسوان من أحسن فورمة دا احنا النتايات الفينو

لا تقول شنجر و لا بنجر و لا كورسال و الا كازينو

السح النح يا مون شير كل دا إحنا بادعينه

كشكش أحيه على مصر أحيه من شبانها و بناتها

بسلانته عامل لي جانتيه هايص ويا بسلامتها

وطن إيه بجي و سخام إيه بكره تبان له لبتها

و البنك يطب عليه يشفط الأطيان كلتها

يسرح بجي سيدنا البيه بمخلل و آدي أخرتها

الوارثين الرجال دا كلام ملاحيس مايهمش ما تتمسخرشي علينا

إن شا لله ما حد حوش دي الفلوس في رجلينا

بنغني و نرقص بولكة و مازوركة و نسكر طينة

نلعب بوكر و نبقشش بالجنيهات ملو ايدينا

النسوان نعرف جغرافيا و نحوي و حساب و حاجات ترللي

5 X 9 ب16 و باريس في الوجه القبلي

بونجورنو فعل مضارع مفتوح ع البحري تمللي

دي صنعة هنري التاسع شيخ حارة في المتولي

أبجد هوز معناها بالتركي إبقى قابلني

كشكش كده و إلا بلاش يا مدارس دي بناتنا بقت مناخوليا

يكفانا بس نعيرها و قال إيه واخدين بكالوريا

و الواحدة في طبخة نابت عايزالها 50 كخيا

ما بدال الفسيولوجيا إدوها طبخة لوبيا

دي كلها لهجة لوجيا و أمور أوانطته لوجيا



8 responses to “Shaklaha Bazet book discussion

  1. these lyrics just crack me up!! just wanted to say you just made my day by posting them.. so i just wanted to thank you 😀

  2. Especially that i really wanted very much to attend that very book discussion in Al kotob khan but i had an exam and so i couldn’t that’s why i felt so down as i felt i really missed a lot 😀
    but the song made me feel much better so thanks 😀

    and sorry for wring two replies, hit the back button by mistake 🙂

  3. Hey,,,,i was just searching for this book shaklaha bazet …wi i found this page.. nd id like to say that i havent read it yet lel asaf msh 3arfa agibo wi lafeet 3ala kol el libraries…wi khalsan ..anyway if u any other libraries fiha fi cairo tb3an plz tell me…thnx..ah howa ana bakalem meen loool 🙂 is this the page of omar taher the auther? or what ….THNX

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