Bookshops Bookshops

I love books.

I love places filled with books.

I love Cilantro, Beano’s, Euro Deli,,, because they have long shelves filled with books.

I love the library of grandfather, my father and my brother.

I love Kotob Khan, CairoBookmark (do u still remember it?), Diwan. And I love Cairo Book Club.

But what I want to tell you about is the Book Spot. It is a lovely small book shop in street# 9 in Maadi, just below pizza hut and Qoweider. I used to go there to buy used novels or comics with reasonable prices. And if u want to return the book u’ll get half of its price. They also have a small cafeteria serving tea and coffee. AND NOW they have their own on-line service! I didn’t try it yet, but it seems to be as welcoming as the place itself.

What a good day for book worms!


3 responses to “Bookshops Bookshops

  1. I am definitely visiting those places next time I’m in Cairo!!!!

    Ouff, after seeing BookSpot’s website, I feel awful we don’t have something like that here in Kuwait 😦

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