You inquire of me, madam, whether I be lonely in thought, heart or spirit. How then am I to answer you? I feel my loneliness to be no greater nor more profound than the loneliness of others. Everyone is lonely and on his own. Each one of us is an enigma. Each one of us is veiled with a thousand veils, and what difference is there between one lonely person and another, except that one speaks of his loneliness while another keeps it to himself? In talking, there may be some comfort, while in silence there may be some virtue. ” From Jubran Khalil Jubran to Mai Ziadah

What can I say about this paragraph,,,, it is just so profound,,, and loneliness -in itself- is a profound feeling,,,, everyone is lonely in his own way,,, and I know exactly how it feels to be lonely among the crowd,,,, yet how can one be lonely when one is directly connected to God,,,, I don’t want to get into too much spirituality here (it is not really the time) but sometimes these words ring in my ears:

وإذا سألك عبادي عني فإني قريب

I hope I would never forget them…


3 responses to “Loneliness

  1. Without taking into consideration the spirituality here….loneliness sometimes is what we seek…
    And another thing…you won’t feel the company or the “non-loneliness” unless you try some of the loneliness…so don’t get sad if you were alone for some time 🙂
    Nice paragraph you quoted 🙂 Jubran is just…wow!

  2. To be lonely among the crowd, this is exactly what i usually feel.
    very nice quote, and yeah ALLAH is always with us even if we feel that loneliness is around, we are not alone!
    Nousha, i liked this post very much!

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