Ursa Major & Ursa Minor

The best time I saw the stars was when I went to El Karm with some friends, it was amazing. There are no electricity there, and it was the begining of the month (no moon at all). Imagine seeing zillion stars in a crystal clear sky… simply amazing. We saw tens of shooting stars,,,, I really miss that place!

Anyway, back then i really wanted to point out the famous constellation, but unfortunately I didn’t know much (except of course the big bear and the small one)

Here are few things I didn’t know before,, masalan I can’t remember the word “Big Dipper” from school: “The seven brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear, form a well-known asterism that has been recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures from time immemorial.”


And Guess what? Each star of this constellation has a name!


I have also found out that the Polaris star is among the small bear and not the big bear:

“Ursa Minor is colloquially known as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest starsPolaris, the North Star. Polaris can also be found by following a line through the two stars which form the end of the “bowl” of the Big Dipper, a nearby asterism found in the constellation Ursa Major. “

Quite interesting!


4 responses to “Ursa Major & Ursa Minor

  1. Don’t be confused between Astronomy الفلك and Astrology التنجيم.
    The first is about studying the universe. The latter is about the effects of the stars on human destinies, i.e. zodiacs and حظك اليوم 🙂

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