Places I want to visit in 2007

This is a list for Egypt, I want to make another one for the WORLD!

  1. Helwan or Kattameya Observatory: I am dying to go to that place, one of my friends went to Kattameya’s and said it was brilliant. On my way to Ein El Sukhna, I pass by a sign that points to ” Marsad el Kattameya”, but I heard the road is bumpy and can’t be taken without a 4×4 😦
  2. Rashid: I really want to see the place where nile meets the mediterranean.
  3. Bani Hassan (Tel El Amarna): I want to see the wrestling scenes performed by Egyptians
  4. Siwa: I want to watch the sunset in geziret fotnas once again (i think that’s how it is called), I went there almost five years ago
  5. El Hamra ecolodge: it is in Wadi El Natroun, I saw some pictures and it seems to be amazing,
  6. Zad Al Mousafer in El Fayoum, I heard it was a relaxing place (I am not a big fan of El Fayoum, so I’d love to see something in it that really attract me)
  7. Wadi El Hitan, I have never been there and I desperately want to see the fosils.
  8. El Dejarra Cave: I heard soooo much about it and saw GREAT photos, I can’t wait to see it
  9. Halayeb & Shalatein
  10. El Gilf el Kebir
  11. El Karm ecolodge: I visited it once in last May and absolutely loved it, I want to go there again (but right after the winter, it is soo cold there)
  12. Aswan: I want to take a quiet nile cruise and see the lands of Nuba
  13. Qena: I want to see the DEndarah temple
  14. Dahab: I heard about it from my friends and they say it is an amazing experience, I don’t know if I will like its atmosphere but I want to try it
  15. Safaga, as per OpeRon suggestion
  16. Fagnoon: I visited the main place before, but didn’t join any of the activities. I want to go to the other side of Abu Sir, they have huge nets hanged on palm trees, and u climb these nets, seems to be lots of fun 🙂 (ana 3aiela awy fel hagat di)
  17. Wadi Degla: I can’t get enough of that place.
  18. Geziret El Dahab: every day I use el mounib bridge I pass by this small island, and every day I say that I want to go there and walk in the fields.
  19. Dir St Sama`an in el Mokattam: I have also heard how amazing this place is, I just need some courage to go through the district of el Zabalin!

11 responses to “Places I want to visit in 2007

  1. Mmm.. I am not sure where have you been .. but I think you should go to alexandria .. it is a must-see every year.. and mmm .. Safaga too is great .. I would suggest Paris. . it is phenomenal

  2. Nice compulation of must-see places. One place I advice you to visit is Saqqarah. It’s not that far & it’s just great. All the fun in the world for just 3 pounds.

  3. I didn’t see Safaga before, I will add it.
    I went to Alexandria few weeks ago, I don’t know what to see there.
    I have recently visited Saqqarah to take some photos, but I want to go there again soon.

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    • Yes I know. I wanted to visit either this or that. I actually went to Helwan observatory, but unfortunately its working hours were not suitable for me. And as for Qatameya, I now know its location cause I passed near it, but It needs a 4×4 car. Thanks for dropping by.

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