Tagged: 5 things you dunno about me!

OpeRon has tagged me. Okay, this is my first time to be tagged, so allow me to get a little bit excited here. I didn’t really think about the things people don’t know about me that I’d like to share them on the blogosphere. First of all I am a very ‘open’ kinda person, I love sharing, maybe too much. But here it is:

  1. Those who I like, take me as a friend, and those who liked me, I saw them as just friends…
  2. I was a very quiet child.
  3. I hate crabs and don’t know how to eat them
  4. I can’t help but buying Mickey every Wednesday night, and if I didn’t, then I expect mom or my brother to get it with them.
  5. I have almost memorised all TinTin’s stories in Arabic

5 responses to “Tagged: 5 things you dunno about me!

  1. awwww.. cute.. Innocent secrets..
    I love crabs and Mickey and I have all TinTin’s arabic editions and know them by heart “mental note: do a re-read for tintin for the gazillion time”

    as for the whole tag thing.. the baby inside you is cryin out loud to be out 😀 I love this

  2. Isn’t that adorable.. this turned out to be a great tag OpeRon.. really getting to see glimpses of the bloggers’ lives. I can totally relate to number one too. 😦

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