So here I am in Cairo, No I am not in Siwa, or El Karm, or Aswan, or even El Ein El Sokhna 😦 I really really really wanted to travel during this long vacation,, ma aleina,, hanenhab? I am here and enjoying a whole week off work.

Apart from the over dose of movies that I am having, I spent the first day of el eid with the family (I really missed them), and today I went to play GOLF,,, it was beautiful, I played in the driving range (it is that place where a line of golfers hit balls for hours), and then walked with a friend who played 9 holes on the golf course (that’s where u see the golfers walking with their trollies following the ball). I have to start going on the course, but lessa shewaya 3alaia, I need to have more confidence in my swing, have a bettter direction, learn how to get out from the sand bunker, use the driver…. Anyway, the weather was really nice, every now and then the sun hides behind dark clouds, then it rained, and after a while the sun reappeared again, then rain again,,,, BEAUTIFUL.

It’s 2007 already!


One response to “Agaza

  1. aww.. sounds like u had a blash, Nousha.. I am glad u enjoyed your whole weekend till now

    I am still havin 4 exams to go after eid .. so dun tell me about getting away somewhere..cos I haven’t seen the sea in 2.5 years *frown* .. I hate ma life 😀

    I have never played Golf.. where do u play ?

    P.S. I wished something for the new year for you on my blog

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