Fi Mahatet Masr

Fi Mahatet Masr: (starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Menna Shalaby)

Did u see “A walk in the clouds” by Keanu Reeves, Anthony Hopkins Quinn (sorry for the confusion)? Where a salesman meets by chance the daughter of a stubborn father who has a farm. She asks him to pretend being her husband in order to face her family. Eventually they fall in love.

If you saw this movie, then you don’t need to spend 20 LE on a very bad imitation.

Karim Abdel Aziz: very funny,, bas dah mesh kefaya

Menna:,,, no comment,,

Script, camera, direction,,,, didn’t leave any impression on me L

Definitely go and see the ‘original’ film. It is a very nice one, especially the part showing the relationship between the daughter and her father, how things grow from the ashes. There is a scene I totally love, all of the farm wakes up in the middle of the night to fight a small fire in the bushes by wearing something like butterflies wings, it was so romantic!

About the Egyptian movie, after seeing the song I expected to see something related to mahetet masr. I am very disappointed…


8 responses to “Fi Mahatet Masr

  1. I really enjoyed your article bout el eid movies, i agree with your comments mostly, one thing i want to hear your comment in, Menna shalaby, you just said no comment, no please i want to hear your comment in this


  2. Menna Shalaby is a good actress, I just don’t like her acting. weird, right?
    I feel that she is repeating herself in all her movies, the same crying, the same dancing, the same flirting,,,,
    In this movie, she had the same attitude. That’s why I didn’t comment…

  3. hi ,you are great nousha
    may i say menna is pretty,she has a carizma ,but i dont belive her !!!
    that film was great but the seen you discribed is when they profisionally was warming up the graps , not to lose the high quality of thier wine brand name .
    i think the seen when he reaches for the oldest bush the mother bush is great
    anthon quen is a legend to me

  4. To be honest , your credibility is questioned in the previous article. To be a film critic i would atleast expect you to know the names of the cast of the movie your either criticizing or comparing to. ” A Walk in the Clouds” starred Antony Quinn, an extremely famous award winning actor not to be mistaken with Anthony Hopkins… Thus you completely lost your argument and your advice isnt taken well at all.

    Best of Luck

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