El Rahina

El Rahina: (Ahmed Ezz, Nour, Yasmine Abdel Aziz. Story by Dr. Nabil Farouk, directed by Sandra)

I am a big fan for all of Dr. Nabil’s series (starting from ragol el mostaheel, malaf el mostakbal, cocktail 2000,,,,) and my all time favorite is ZOOM, I am very sad it was stopped.


Anyway, the story is fine. The direction was good (but not as impressive as Malaki Eskendreya), the action scenes were very prolonged. The script is not very catchy, it tried to be witty, but sometimes lost it.

Nour was brilliant in her gothic attire. If you are a reader of ragol el mostaheel, u’ll definitely remember Sonia Graham. Nour is playing the cruel black haired beauty. She was very good.

Ahmed Ezz was definitely funny. His acting was improved that’s for sure, but he seemed to be way cooler than what ebn balad is supposed to be (especially the clothes). But I can say he started to move from depending on just being handsome.


Yasmine Abdel Aziz…. First of all she was supposed to be Mona, the sweet brave and sometimes helpless chick who ultimately falls in love with Adham Sabry. Unfortunately Yasmine tried to be laziza, but turned out to be very dalou3a, not in a cute sense… (won’t say more)

I kinda liked the movie, but expected it to be better 😦




6 responses to “El Rahina

  1. well, the movie certainly takes 5 out of 10 in my scale
    This movie.. am not sure if I should classify it as action or comedy.. I am not sure
    there was lots of stuff that was supposed to be funny but did not get a giggle out of me..
    However, I have to disagree with you, although I am not a reader for Ragol el Mosta7eel.. I loved Yasmine abdel Aziz.. she was kinda funny with her facial expressions and everything .. I believe she had some contribution the movie

    As for Nour, however few her scenes are, but she mastered every single scene with an ‘alias’ kind of way .. she was so charismatic, the mystery beauty in the movie

    I do remember Sonya Graham from ma childhood.. But, I am more Malaf el Mostakbal Kind of guy .. el Ra2ed Nour:)

    As for Ahmed Ezz.. He was tryin to be funny.. but with all my respect.. This was not supposed to be a comedy movie anyhow.. besides, referring to Inji’s Male Species thing.. These kind of welad el balad all died in 1967 and 1973 .. so Cine Guys,, wake up.. it is 2007 .. get out of your museums and wander the streets.. u will find a whole new world!!

  2. I just watched this movie today and i thought it was brilliant. I loved th emessage behind it and the way it was acted it out, its good to have some humour in action thrillers! In the funny scenes it made me laugh and in the serious scenes it didn’t, and that’s what a good movie does. I do agree about some of the action scenes being prolonged and a bit unrealistic but again the message of the movie makes up for all of that. I loved it.

  3. i dont watch the movie. but i know it is wunderfull asnd briliant because because ahmed and yasmin are wunderfull and briliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE BUT I DONT KNOW WHOO!!!!?????could anyone of you tell where i can watch this movie??? pleeeeeaaaassseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. look i haven’t wached it because i live in lebanon and i am waiting so art or rotana or even el shasha to put but i probably think that this movie is a verry verry nice movie especially that yasmin is playing a role in it and not any role different carachters and cause i am a big fan for yasmin and i adore all her action and romance and comidy movies i never disliked a film for her i do think it is a suppor beautiful film
    and i tell yasmin keep working ur the best and may god bless u

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