The Aztec Calendar

This is an amazing historical piece of art. The aztec calendar. It is beautiful, full of colors, fascinating. The details mesmerize me. I remember reading an article (most probably in the National Geographic magazine) discussing this piece, how it is not just a calendar, no, it describes their histroy through symbols and sometimes predict future events too.

These people were brilliant.

(Copied from wikipedia ) The Aztec calendar was the calendar of the Aztec people of Pre-Columbian Mexico… This calendar is recorded as a carving on the Aztec sun stone currently on exhibit in the National Museum of Anthropology and History located within Chapultepec Park, Mexico City. The calendar consisted of a 365 day calendar cycle and a 260 day ritual cycle…. Every month had its name, and the days of the month were numbered from one to twenty. The days of the last month, Nemontemi, were numbered from one to five. The twenty day signs are depicted in the calendar image to the right. They are arrayed in a circle surrounding the central face:

  1. Cipactli (alligator, aquatic monster) (East)
  2. Éhecatl (wind, wind god) (North)
  3. Calli (house) (West)
  4. Cuetzpalin (lizard) (South)
  5. Cóatl (serpent, snake) (E)
  6. Miquiztli (death) (N)
  7. Mázatl (deer) (W)
  8. Tochtli (rabbit) (S)
  9. Atl (water) (E)
  10. Itzcuintli (dog) (N)
  11. Ozomatli (monkey) (W)
  12. Malinalli (dead grass) (S)
  13. Ácatl (reed) (E)
  14. Océlotl (ocelot, jaguar) (N)
  15. Quauhtli (eagle) (W)
  16. Cozcaquauhtli (king buzzard, vulture) (South)
  17. Ollin (motion, earthquake) (East)
  18. Técpatl (flint, flint knife) (North)
  19. Quiáhuitl (rain) (West)
  20. Xóchitl (flower) (South)

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