Golf practice updates

I have a problem that my practice swing is far better than my real swing in hitting the ball, I have also another problem that the ball’s trajectory is much higher than what is needed, that’s plus speed, direction,,,,, tons of stuff 😦

The good news is that last Saturday I made a small progress in applying the idea of “going through the ball instead of hitting it“. I loved it. I trusted my swing at last after so many disappointments. What a feeling.

Here are some tips I found and could understand what the author was talking about:

“One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is not swinging to their intended target. Most golfers will tell you they are swinging to hit the ball when in reality your target is the fairway or the green. This is why when people make practice siwngs in most cases that swing is better than their actual real swing over the ball. The reason this occurs is because there is a ball in front of them and they make the ball the target. Once you lock eyes too long on the ball your mind starts grinding out too much information which can become detrimental because it can inhibit you from just reacting naturally.”

And Finally a nice tip for golf and life in general:”You must first believe you can make the shot and trust your instincts and abilities and then just pull the trigger. To play good solid golf you want to have a quiet mind. Because a mind overloaded with too many thoughts will create confusion and this inturn will not allow you to freely swing through the ball towards your target. “

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