Golf & Life

Let me show u something. Even if you don’t know much about golf, look at the main ideas behind it…. Masalan the idea of going through the ball instead of just concentrating on hitting it bas, (the one I was just talking about)….I know this might sound weird…. but this is kinda like life, love and marriage…. Let’s assume the target is ‘happy life’, the commitment is the ball, and the power of swinging the golf club is love, and the point of hitting the ball (aka point of impact) is marriage.
Most people consider marriage as the decisive point in any relationship, but concentrating on only this will -most probably- deviate them from actually their final target (= happy life), but if we concentrated more on the feeling of the swing (= love), and considered the part where the club hits the ball (= marriage) as simply part of the process of getting there then we’d definitely have a better chance for reaching a happy life 🙂
see what i mean?


4 responses to “Golf & Life

  1. Come on! Guys!
    Why don’t you try Cricket!
    It will take you only a full day away from Home! That is unless you plan to watch a whole 5-day Test Match!
    Otherwise I tend to agree!
    Have a nice holiday!

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