I love Maadi. With its tranquil atmosphere, its trees and quiet streets. I really miss those days when I used to return home walking from Sakanat el Maadi till new Maadi. I really miss those days, especially that I am in the phase of hating driving and the traffic !!! I started to hate going to work simply because of the traffic and el khan`a 😦

Anyway, for the past few weeks, I kept on riding my bicycle once every other Friday. The first time I rode in Maadi, the second time in Wadi Degla and the third time also in the quiet streets of Maadi. I was so lucky for finding a couple of friends who are as enthousiastic about this as I am.

Mmmm Friday morning, nice weather, no cars, just some passer by’s walking their dogs and other sporty people, what a nice way to start ur weekend !https://i2.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8b/Maadi3.jpg


7 responses to “ex-maadist

  1. If you love Maadi it’s because you are beautiful inside, you have peace within and like to live life simply, this is what maadi is all about.

  2. Thanks Someone for ur comment 🙂
    I can’t really see the connection between Maadi and inner peace, bas Maadi is really beautiful, I sepnt many memorable years there (till I reached 21 years old), and till now Maadi is my home…
    This is where I see friends, hang out at route 66, have a drink i nEuro Deli, spend a quite evening at Yaght club, take a walk in degla, buy books & magazines fromVolume 1 (and now Kotob Khan too), passing by my old school in sakanat, eating a spicy Molotov in El Beheiri,,,,

  3. hahahaha, thats so cute you recoment places to have pizza too, can please publish the address as i am not so familiar with Maadi, since i only worked there for couple of years, your blog is really so nice i really enjoyed all my time here, i wish i discovered that nice place a time ago

    wishing you a happy and prosperous year 2007


  4. Sorry for my late reply,
    Pizza club is really a nice place to indulge tasty pizzas.
    I don’t have their address, but if you know a bit about new maadi i can describe to u:
    from midan el gazayer, go to share3 el gazayer (wadeh?), you’ll see Mafia (fruits juices) at ur right, make a U turn, voila you are there.
    I love this place. The owners are 20 something, really nice guys, I love watching them while they make the pizza and have a little chat.

  5. Oops, I forgot to mention the number of Pizza club: 5167419.

    (when i am very very very hungry, i go for 2 slices, and then share a salad,,, mm delicious)

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