Who do u think u r?

U call me now all of a sudden and expect me to be like before?

Don’t u remember the day u deserted me without a reason?

How come?

I spent long nights dialing and redialing ur number, and u didn’t even press answer.

No, don’t u ever think that I might accept this.

Seems like you are used to the type of girls u’ve been hanging out with.

I have already told u that I am not that type, why couldn’t u understand that?

I thought we could have been together, standing by each other through happiness and sorrow.But u ruined it.

And now even though I’d die to hear ur voice once again, I plead myself not to.

Why did u make us reach this?

I’m sorry, I can’t go on like this, go live ur life and let me live mine.

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2 responses to “

  1. Kinda reminds me of the classical I will survive , I like the vibe of a lady who throws her heart in the garbage for her dignity

    Broken hearts heal , yet very slow .. but they do
    Getting over it is so harsh & difficult .. yet rewarding
    a person who loves you will never make you cry

    My Favorite relevant quotes!

  2. This one isn’t mine actually,, but I totally felt for that girl.. I hate the way some guys act very badly (i won’t say more), and then return after few months asking for a get together…

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