The past few days …

Few things have been going on my mind lately, too bad I didn’t have the time or the energy to write about them.

Last Wednesday I attended a lecture in Serafis about street security, it was given by Robert Adolph, UN Security Advisor, Dpt. of Safety and Security. A very nice man. He is so funny. He gave us some tips about personal security in general and street harassment in particular. Masalan he stressed out on a very important issue, each woman is individually responsible for her own safety, this means that she should never ever be dependable on someone else for her own security,, be ma3na akhar she should always consider her safety as her own responsibility, not anyone else’s (bodyguard, husband, brother,,,etc). which makes sense of course. More tips can be found here , and here.

There is much more to tell,, about PTP Cairo walk in the Mawlaweya complex & Amir Taz palace, and yesterday session of art appreciation at el kotob khan. About the new café (Aura), another open air café in maadi which will distract me and my friends shewaya from euro deli. The cycling experience in maadi and wadi degla.


2 responses to “The past few days …

  1. you know kotob khan? pass it, after few buildings you’ll find a Toyota car dealer, take a right (the street is actually between 2 car dealers so u won’t miss it), continue till the end of this street et voila. Aura cafe is infront of u. To be more sure, u’ll find a BIG game3 at ur left.
    Aura is a small villa, the owners are a group of friends (actually friends from my brother), they started using the garden and the first floor as a cafe. Later on they will start using the first floor too.

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