Abe SEISEKI sensei

I didn’t talk much about Aikido in this blog -surprisingly-, Aikido for me is not just a sport, and even though it has been a long time since I last set foot on the tatami, I still feel like an aikidoka…

These days, Uno sensei is teaching aikido in Cairo, one of his mentors is Abe Seiseki sensei whom I am talking about in this post…

Who is Abe? b. 1915). 8th dan Aikikai. Retired high school teacher and master calligrapher. Began training c. 1952. In addition to being a student of Morihei UESHIBA, Abe taught him calligraphy during the last years of the founder’s life. Verbally awarded 10th dan by Ueshiba.

Abe Sensei, one of Japan’s foremost Shodo masters, met O-Sensei in 1954 and noticed that the breathing O-Sensei had learned through Misogi and Aikido was very close to the way of breathing in he had learned through Shodo. Abe Sensei viewed this breathing as the connecting point between the two seemingly dissimilar arts of Shodo and Aikido and began Aikido training. For the last ten or so years of his life, O-Sensei spent one third of every month living at Abe Sensei’s home and teaching at the dojo Abe Sensei had built for him there. O-Sensei also recognized the connection between Aikido and Shodo and so began his study of Shodo under Abe Sensei’s direction. The close relationship between Abe Sensei and O-Sensei shows in Abe Sensei’s Aikido.


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